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Norwich & District CSC

Name of CSC?

Norwich & District CSC (around for yonks, but someone turned up sober in 2001 and got it down on paper).

Where are you based?

In and around Norwich, most members live locally although we also have a team of regulars from Great Yarmouth too.

Do you run a bus?

We do indeed – though we tend to do each game on a numbers basis and work out the best means of travel for the number going. We once run a bus to Stuttgart – so we don’t always get it right (but it did only cost £15 a head!!).

Pub/club you frequent?

The Temple Bar now, previously we’ve been in the Leopard, the Pickwick, the schoolhouse.

How many members are in the club?


Do any members use twitter? If so can you name them?

@bennybhoy51; @casemanjnr; @jgmoffat.

Do you have a Website/Blogs/Podcasts?


Do you have any badges/scarf’s?

We have some badges and a dusty box of t-shirts and hoodies around…somewhere…with our logo on..

Any future events planned?

A team of us are off to Benfica at the end of November – that will be “an event”. Previous “do’s” have included an end of season do which we held at Carrow road – supported by CATB and Chris Sutton, acting as host for Drury’s testimonial for those who wanted to start at 7am (jelly for breakfast) and numerous others.

Best memory supporting Celtic with the CSC?

Teplice – Prague trip, if you can call it a memory. Semtex and Erectus dilution drinks of choice.

If you have to erect 10 more statues at Celtic Park who would you elect?

Tommy Burns, Fergus McCann, Wim Jansen, Boruc (with pope t-shirt), Paul McStay, Billy McNeil, McGrain, McGrory, Stephane Bonnes and Craig Whyte

Put together a Celtic team with 2 players from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and one from the team now.

Boruc, Elliot, McGrain, Aitken, Gemmell, Johnstone, McStay, Wanyama, Lubo, Dalgleish, Henrik

Do you have a favourite Celtic goal?

Sooo many to choose from…. McStay at Ibrox, on knees celebrating.


Total Celtic are committed in establishing a “Stephane Bonnes Theme Park” in Norwich, would you be willing to help?

Of course!


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