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Houston Emerald CSC

Name of CSC?

Houston Emerald CSC.

Where are you based?

Houston Texas USA.

Do you run a bus (Or a Jet)?


Pub/club you frequent?

Stats Sports Bar on Louetta.

How many members are in the club?

We currently have 33 members and growing.

Do any members use twitter? If so can you name them?


Nathan Taylor (@spacecitybhoy)

Do you have a Website/Blogs/Podcasts?


Do you have any badges/scarf’s?

Yes we have a badge.

Any future events planned?

Yes, we are planning on running a bus before Christmas to visit the New Orleans CSC.

Best memory supporting Celtic with the CSC?

Unveiling of our new banner in Philadelphia.

If you have to erect 10 more statues at Celtic Park who would you elect?

In no particular order Henke, McGrain, Burns, John Thompson all of the Lisbon Lions.  

Put together a Celtic team with 2 players from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and one from the team now.

Hmmmmmm best squad of players from all those would be….and I’m playing them out of position too!

Bonner, McNeill, Johnstone, Burns, McGrain, Mc Clair, McStay, Collins, Larsson, Moravcik, Wanyama.

Do you have a favourite Celtic goal?

Gemmell or Chalmers in 67 final…..Larsson ….that is sensational!

Total Celtic are committed in establishing a “Stephane Bonnes CSC” in Caracas, would you be willing to help?

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