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European CSC Trip

Recently I have been made aware of one of our fans making a trip to the continent.  This purpose of his trip will be to visit our many CSC’s in France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Rep, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium & the Netherlands and blog his experiences to the larger Celtic community via this blog.  So far his only point of reference has been the fantastic celticbars website, and some contacts from myself on twitter. So I thought I would put out a little blog to see if any of you can help too?

Are you in any of the countries listed above? Do you have any links to CSC’s on the continent?

The name of the gentleman in question is Del Hyslop, you can contact him on twitter via @DelBhoyHyslop
Del will be sending me updates from his time in Europe in reference to watching the games with the various CSC’s he will be visiting. Sounds like a great expeience and I wish him all the best on his various journeys. Del has also been in touch with Paul Lennon and is very proud to be raising some money for the Thai Tims thanks to some prize donations from various Celtic minded websites. In Dels words “My main aim on this tour is to publicise how far and wide the Celtic Family reaches, it’ll be very interesting to hear the fans’ opinions from outside the goldfish bowl!”

Del will arrive in Dunkirk on the 9th of September and is planning to be in France for about 5 weeks then get to the Madrid Emerald CSC in late October.

It really is astounding how far the Celtic community does stretch across Europe and indeed the world and I’m really looking forward to his updates.

More to come on this subject! Remember if you can help Del out please do so.

For now Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Tims. Hail Hail.

Steve @ TC.


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