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A wee party in Aberdeen.

After a few weeks laying low its good to get back to watching Celtic again. I must say I’m looking forward to this season its going to be a complete change to what we are used to. I for one am looking forward to this bright new positive future in Scottish football.

Earlier in the day wee learned that Celtic would most probably play HJK Helsinki in the champions league 3rd round qualifier. Played on the 31 July – 1 August 2012 7–8 August. 12 years ago we played them also. Here were the teams when we met at Celtic Park on the 14th September 2000.

At the end of the last season I was informed that Bishop Crosas CSC in Aberdeen are holding a fund-raiser with some money going to charity. I thought I would pass on the information, as the event sounds fantastic.

Charlie and the Bhoys & The Ryans Band are playing at The Northern Hotel on Saturday 17th November (same day as the scheduled Aberdeen v Celtic game).

Tickets are priced £20 with £5 from every ticket sale going to the Peter Brunt Clinic in Aberdeen who help people with kidney, liver and intestinal complications – they done some amazing work for one of our members last year.

Doors open at 7pm, first band on soon after. An interval between bands for raffle (donations also going to the Peter Brunt Clinic) before second band playing until the close.

Tickets limited and not available on the door so can purchase by contacting:

Twitter: @BishopCrosasCSC
Email: bishopcrosascsc@yahoo.com

Can arrange local pick up or buy over PayPal and post out tickets.

You can also contribute to the fund-raiser by following the link below


During the next few weeks I’ll be doing some more CSC Q&A’s and possibly some some other stuff I’ve got in my head. So until next Friday I’ll bid you fair well. Hail Hail

Steve @ Total Celtic.


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