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Carluke Shamrock CSC

Welcome to our newest Q&A with Carluke Shamrock CSC! I must apologise for the lack of pictures from the club as I’ve had broadband trouble recently. But this shall be rectified ASAP.

Q. Name of CSC?

Carluke Shamrock C.S.C.

Q. Where are you based?

Carluke, South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Q. Do you run a bus?

Yes, we run a 70-seater bus to home games, and depending on ticket allocations we run a mini-bus to away games.

Q. Pub/club you frequent?

St.Athanasius Community Hall (chapel hall)
Marshall’s SummerHoose (one of the club’s friends has a massive summer house in his back garden with bar, tv, pool table, darts, etc. where dozens of the club can watch games)
The Wee Thackit (pub)

Q. How many members are in the club?

85 members

Q. Twitter names of members?

@carlukeshamrock, @rswan1967, @mickybhoys, @bjmac67, @kevinpmcauley, @kieranm1981, @bhoypapa, @eddierland1989, @vincenzosir, @tommy_hand, @jpbhoy65

Q. Do you have a website/Do any blogs? (In your case Podcasts)

Website – http://www.carlukeshamrock.com
Facebook – facebook.com/carluke.shamrock
Twitter – twitter.com/carlukeshamrock
Podcast – “Tic Talk” – a panel talk show with real opinion from real fans
Website radio page – http://www.carlukeshamrock.com/blog/tic-talk-radio-shows
Spreaker – on the HailHailMedia channel – http://www.spreaker.com/page#!/show/hail_hail_media
iTunes – http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast//id485514003
Stitcher Radio – http://stitcher.com/listen.php?fid=19240
HailHailRadio – http://www.hailhailradio.com

Q. Do you have any badges/scarfs? (Pictures?)

Sold out at the moment – pictures and order page – http://www.carlukeshamrock.com/clubbadge.html

Q. Any future events planned?

The club was founded in 1987, therefore this year of 2012 is our 25th anniversary year.
We’ve already held a memorial night for members of the club who have passed away
and a Sportsman Dinner with Murdo MacLeod, Chic Charnley, and Peter Martin raising over £1500 for charity – http://www.carlukeshamrock.com/blog/tic-talk-03feb2012
We’ll be having a large dinner dance for the club in the close season, we have a trip down to Liverpool (meeting up with Liverpool and Manchester CSCs while there) in September; and a FestiveTim night arranged for between Christmas and New Year.

Q. Best memory supporting Celtic with the CSC?

The greatest memory was when different travelling groups of the club all converged in the square in Seville for the final in 2003. Groups that had stayed in Benidorm for a week, groups that flew from Glasgow, guys that travelled by car through Barcelona – all uniting and partying in the Seville square – fanastic.

Another great memory that sticks out amongst the many, many chaotic tales of trips to away games, was an almost irrelevant trip to Stranraer in the cup. While the match itself was a meaningless victory in the record books, the actual trip displayed the fun, the camraderie, the chaos and the laughs of being on the road with a supporters club – http://www.carlukeshamrock.com/blog/gallery/stranraer-1-4-celtic-28th-january-2001

Q. Do you think Celtic should sign Izaguirre’s wee bhoy for next season?

We’ve been impressed so far with his finger pointing skills; a trait that his father seems to have copied on the field of play, but to be honest there’s a lot of work to be done there. The lad has potential, we’ll keep an eye on him, and hopefully he can burst through to stake a place in the double-winning under-19s soon enough. If he can shout the word “Shambolic!” while doing his finger pointing (that’s the war cry of the Carluke Shamrock club) then Lawell should sign him immediately on a long term deal. 🙂

Cheers to the CSCSC for taking the time answering the questions.

All the best for now.
Steve at TC.


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