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Jim Craig CSC

Greetings & welcome to our first (of many) Irish supporters club content from the Jim Craig CSC from Belfast.

Q. Name of CSC?
Jim Craig Celtic Supporter’s Club (formerly Belfast Shamrock CSC). The club was renamed in 2011 (formally Belfast Shamrock CSC) after our honorary president Jim Craig who takes an active role within the club, contributing regularly to our website and blog with stories and photos from his Celtic archives. (www.jimcraigcsc.com).  Belfast Shamrock was formed by a group of friends in Belfast around 2000, many of whom had been members of Queen’s University of Belfast CSC during their student days and who after graduating decided to set up their own club. Although most members subsequently moved away from Belfast in search of work, women – and a result of the odd deportation order, they stayed in touch via our club’s email list and continued to travel to games home and away.

Q. Where are you based?
We’re a fairly well scattered club in terms of location of members.  We have members in Belfast, Derry, Donegal, Armagh, Lurgan, London, Brighton and Perthshire.

Q. Do you run a bus?
As we’re a fairly small club and due to the geographic diversity of our members we don’t run our own bus. The Ireland-based members regularly travel with buses organised by the good folks at the AICSC.

Q. Pub/club you frequent?
The Derry contingent regularly meet in Peader’s to watch the matches.  Pre-game pub in Glasgow has always been Haughians (or Hagies as it is now). Red Stripe (cans of) are the beverage of choice for most of the JCCSC contingent.

Q. How many members are there?
We have around 20 members in total.  We used to have upwards of 40 but found there was always a ‘core’ of around 20 who contributed actively (i.e. went to matches, meetings, met up to watch games on TV etc) so a few years ago we took the decision to limit the membership.

Q. Twitter names of members?
The club’s twitter is @jimcraigcsc and a few of our members are:
@Steve_McVarnock @JoeRotherham @the_sweenster @frankiebhoy1973 @OfficialSteveOH @GingerDenier @TomOfiacra

We’re on Facebook as well (Jim Craig Celtic Supporters Club)

Q. Do you have a website/Do any blogs?We run our own blog (http://www.jimcraigcsc.com), to which the main contributor is Jim Craig himself.  Jim looks back at days from Celtic’s history with short blogs and photos, often recounting tales and publishing photos from his collection from his own playing days under Mr Stein.

Q. Do you have any badges/scarf’s?
We’re working on a new design of badge at the moment following the renaming of the club last year but a pic of one of our old BSCSC badges is attached.

Q. Any future things planned?
We’re organising our AGM at the minute, likely to be held in Ireland around the start of next season and are hoping that Jim and his good lady Elisabeth might be able to join us.  We also hold bi-annual ‘club trips’ where we try and get as many members as possible together to not only go to a match but make a weekend of it too.  Next season, we’re looking at weekends in Aberdeen and Dundee to coincide with Celtic’s trips to Pittodrie and Tannadice respectively.  A lot of members have had new additions to their families this season too so we’re looking at a Junior Capo club trip next season as well.

Q. Best memory supporting Celtic with the CSC?
Main consensus on our mailing list was – pretty unsurprisingly I guess –  Seville 2003 (when a lot of the lads made a week of it down in Benalmadina).  Other shouts were ‘the John Kennedy game’ at Camp Nou and also the club trip over the weekend of the St Johnstone game in ’98.

Q. Favourite Flavour of Ice Cream & Jelly?
Red Stripe flavoured Ice Cream with Sausage Supper flavoured Jelly.

Cheers to the JCCSC for taking the time to answer the questions, appreciate it. Everyone have a good weekend watching Neil and the team hold aloft the SPL trophy on Sunday.

“The assaults, the bombs, the bullets. None of it worked. You couldn’t drive him away. He’s won. We’ve won. unbowed, unbroken.”

Thank you for reading, all the best from Steve at Total Celtic.

Hail Hail.


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