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Tom Selleck CSC

Welcome to the fifth blog on various CSC’s from around the world. This week have have Tom Selleck Supporters Club (@TomSelleckCSC). Tom Selleck have been around the social media spectrum for a while now, and I’ve only just came to realise the evil geniuses behind the Club and what they do!  Various “Missions” have been discussed to further enhance the various goals of the wider Celtic community, rest assured our lips are sealed! Onward to the Q&A.

1. Name of CSC?

(Tom) Selleck CSC.

2. Where are you based?

Airdrie and Coatbridge.

3. Do you have a bus?

Not at the moment.

4. Pub/club you frequent?

Started drinking in McGunnigal’s in Coatbridge a good Celtic pub.

5. How many members are there?


6. Twitter names of members?

This is highly secret information, due to the sensitive nature of the TSCSC.

7. Do you have a website/Do any blogs?

Yes, http://tomselleckcsc.wordpress.com/ only got a couple of match previews just now but will be adding to it with blogs, season reviews and other general insanity.

8. Do you have any badges/scarfs? (Pictures?)

Not at the moment, planned to get some stuff for the game at Killie but there were copyright issues.

9. Any future things planned?

Looking to get a bus going for next season running through Airdrie & Coatbridge.

10. Best memory supporting Celtic with the CSC?

Aberdeen away was great, we stopped off in Inverbervie on the way back for a good few drinks and a pool tournament but Kilmarnock last week was something else. By far the best game I’ve ever been to and after 4 years of waiting we made the most of it. Started in the Hunting Lodge *Raised eyebrows* where the bevy and Celtic songs were in full flow then tried not to get lifted on the way to the game although someone who will remain nameless tried his best by covering a police car in silly string. The game was amazing then back to the Kirkshaws club for more drinking and passing about trophy’s filled with either Buckfast, Whyte & Mackay or Vodka. Later went to McGunnigals where there was some live music and more bevy then for some reason the rest of the night is a blur…

11. Your favourite flavour of Ice Cream/Jelly?

Got to be Mackies with (Paul) Hartleys lemon and lime jelly, the desert of champions.

Thanks to the TSCSC for taking part in our Q&A and look forward to meeting the lads after the SPL trophy is once again in our hands. Next week we shall be publishing our next CSC Q&A with a yet to be named Club.  I have decided to add to the questions and add various new parts to these blogs. Hope you all enjoy the changes next week.

Cheers for reading, all the best from Steve at Total Celtic.
Hail Hail.


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