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Manchester Tommy Burns CSC

Welcome to the third blog on various CSC’s from around the world. This week have have Manchester based Tommy Burns Celtic Supporters Club, who I have many friends in, answering some questions. All answers are from Mr William Keane (@WillieKeane), Overlord of the MTBCSC.

Name of CSC?
“We are officially called the Manchester Tommy Burns Celtic Supporters Club. MTBCSC for short.”

Where are you based?
“We are based in O’Shea’s Irish Bar on Whitworth Street in the Centre of Manchester.  5 minute walk from Piccadilly Railway Station.”

Do you have a bus?
“Do we have a bus?  You think we’re millionaires?  We hire buses :). We actually share a bus with our nearest neighbours and good friends, the Manchester Neil Lennon CSC who are based at the Fiddler’s Green pub in Levenshulme (I think).  We originally planned to go to matches once every couple of months and limit it to Saturday 3pm kick-offs, but the SPL fixture ‘supremo’ has made that very difficult for us.  Been a lot more often than we first thought.  Already looking forward to many more trips next season. Might need to invest in a couple of club season books.  Will have to run that past the Treasurer and the Secretary first, though.  I’m the Treasurer…  and the secretary…”

Pub/club you frequent?
“We always go to O’Sheas. Always.  Then various pubs on the way back to the tram. Lots of pubs along the route of that 5 minute walk.”

How many members are there?
“I have no idea.  We made a club badge which you could only get if you joined the club, and they all sold out.  Official members all over the world. Badge collectors are magic! There are about 20 who I would call proper members (That’s what we told the CSA when we paid them our yearly subscription, anyway)”

Twitter names of members?
“There’s the official club account.  @MTBCSC
@Jay29ers / @marceltipool
and probably more who I’ve forgotten about.  Sorry, if you’re one of those.”

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Do you have a website/Do any blogs?
No blogs. There are quite enough already.”

Do you have any badges/scarfs?
“We had some.  All sold out.  We have a very attractive model for our stuff, so it goes very quickly.  @paradiseghirl88”

Any future things planned?
“Well, I think we’ll have to buy a bus.  🙂
New members badge for next season.  Probably a new ordinary badge as well.  And maybe another scarf.
Hoping to get an end of season party arranged, so looking for any good and reasonably priced bands @theryansband are a possibility.”

Best memory supporting Celtic with the CSC?
“I drink Stella.  I have very few memories. I’ll get back to you on that one. Having the Emilio song played at Celtic Park was a big highlight for me, this year, but that’s not really got anything to do with the club itself.  Aye. That. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uMTpUBrycs”

In your consideration is Stephane Bonnes the greatest Celt ever to live?
“Stephane Bonnes? Looks a wee bit like you?  A vague memory.  So no.”

Many thanks to Willie for answering the questions on the MTBCSC. Next week we will be publishing our Q&A from newly formed Aberdeen CSC “Bishop Crosas”. Our First Scottish based CSC!
Cheers for reading, all the best from Steve (Stephane Bonnes Lookalike) at Total Celtic.
Hail Hail.


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