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Packie Bonner CSC

Welcome to the second blog on various CSC’s from around the world. This week have have Liverpool based Packie Bonner Celtic Supporters Club answering some questions.

Name of CSC?
“Packie Bonner CSC”

Where are you based?
“Liverpool but have members all over Merseyside and even as far as North Wales”

Do you have a bus?

Pub/club you frequent?
“Based out of Pogues in Seel Street and a lot of members can also be found in The Liffey”

How many members are there?
“Around 35 at the moment”

Twitter names of members?
“Not that many on twitter at the moment, the clubs Twitter account is @PackieBonnerCSC”

Do you have a website/Do any blogs?

Do you have any badges/scarf’s?
“Yes, they can be found on the website”

Any future things planned?
“A few things in the pipe line”

Best memory supporting Celtic with the CSC?
“Got a few but one that brings a smile to face is coming back from the StJ game earlier in the season & finding out that we where in the quite coach”

Do you think Stéphane Bonnes is a Celtic legend?
“I’ll go Bonnes on that one”

Thanks to Packie Bonner CSC for the Q&A. Next week we will be chatting to another northern English CSC! Until next week, all the best from what is bound to be a great weekend for all tims!

Steve at TotalCeltic.


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