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Wim the Tim CSC

Welcome to our very first blog on various CSC’s from around the world. This week we have Leeds based Wim the Tim Celtic Supporters Club answering some questions.

Name of CSC?
“Wim the Tim CSC.”

Where are you based?

Do you run a bus?
“We run a bus to most home games 17 seater.”

Pub/club you frequent?
“The club runs from the Harp, Cromwell Street Leeds. Used to run from Maguires.”

How many members are in the club?
“We have about 25 members at the moment, but have had quite a lot of enquiries lately.”

Are any members on Twitter?
“@johnnybhoy58 (me secretary) @jimmylew3 @Wakeyghirl (travels with us but from wakefield CSC) @dalebhoy @FiKennedyCSC (travelled with us a couple of times)
@tonyc1888 (living in Leeds at the moment but does loads for the club) @BombJack67 (an associate member related to the chairman) @franjohncrack (my wife) @johnnybhoy99 (my 13 year old son season ticket holder since he was 4).”

Do you have a website/Do any blogs?
“Don’t have a website at the moment, we have a Wim the Tim Facebook page.”

Do you have any badges/scarf’s?
“Not had any badges for a while but it is something we are looking into.”

Any future events planned?
“Nothing planned at the moment but we had Swaggering Dan playing after the game against them last week and the pub was rocking.”

Best memory supporting Celtic with the CSC?
“One of the best nights was when we used to run from Maguires. Winning the league at Dundee United 22nd May 08. Wasn’t lucky enough to get to Seville but the club went and the Wim the Tim flag was seen by millions flying behind the huddle. Had some great European trips Barcelona, Milan, Lisbon, we even followed the team to Canada on the North American tour.”

Do you think Stéphane Bonnes is a Celtic legend?
“He was an option!!!!”

Photo Gallery of Wim the Tim.

Cheers to Wim the Tim from Leeds for answering the questions. Feel free to get in touch with Johnny (@johnnybhoy58 on twitter) if you are looking for a CSC in or around Leeds.

Next week we will be talking to another Northern English CSC. Until next week Hail Hail from Steve at Total Celtic.


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