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New Celtic Supporter Club content.

With the plethora of blogs, pod-casts & forums the greatest support on the planet have started on the web recently its easy to find what you are looking for Celtic wise. I’ve noticed a distinct lack of Supporters clubs information, so we have decided to focus on this.

We will still continue our transfer news and rumours and develop on that in the coming weeks. The CSC Interviews will be blogged at a weekly interval and will include some interesting information for those interested in this content. Currently Total Celtic has links with 80 CSC’s solely on Twitter. That’s almost 2 years of weekly content!

A Great website for finding CSC information is the fantastic Celtic bars. 308 Celtic clubs from 70 nations can be found. Truly a feat no other club on earth could match!

We intend to start this sometime next week (Announced on twitter) and have invited some prominent CSC’s to take part.

Total Celtic shall continue our work with 67Live http://67live.blogspot.com/ and with our friends at bringing you the most up to date analysis of transfer news and rumours.

Keep an eye on us on Twitter @TotalCeltic Hail Hail.


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